How to do SEO positioning brother cellphone list YouTube

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How to do SEO positioning brother cellphone list YouTube

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If you were looking for an article that helps you learn to do a quality SEO positioning on YouTube and that helps you multiply your visits and brother cellphone list in an easy way, you have found it.We are going to teach you how to optimize your YouTube channel so that you brother cellphone list organize all the information you have and increase the reach of your videos so that they reach more people.To do this, first of all, we are going to explain what exactly SEO consists of on the YouTube platform .When we talk about SEO, we refer to all those resources that help us position a website in search engines to increase its visibility organically.
In this case, it would be the same but on YouTube, since it is actually used as a search engine .
I am one hundred percent sure that you have ever looked for a guide, tutorial, advice, etc., directly on

Yes, YouTube has a very powerful search engine, with the peculiarity that if we want to appear on YouTube we will have to do SEO on this platform and optimize our channel, not our website.
do good Keyword Research and improve SEO on YouTube, you have to know where to find the best keywords for your videos. We are going to propose four ways to search for keywords that work wonderfully.The search engine itself.You can use Google and YouTube's own search engine, as they will give you suggested ideas with related words about what you are looking for.Keyword Planner for YouTubeWe advise you to also use Google's own “ Keyword Planner ” tool .

In the SERP of Google often appear YouTube videos for phone number list specific searches, so you should not leave out Google in optimizing YouTube videos, you can always be a great help to use the keywords that are in this tool, so it is also likely that our videos phone number list appear in the SERP.Another very good external tool is the Keyword Tool .This tool is freemium type , but it has a section in which you can search for specific keywords for the YouTube platform and thus improve SEO.VidIQ for YouTubeVidIQ is a Google Chrome extension with very good notes to improve SEO on YouTube. This extension is of the fremium type, that is, it has a free part and a paid part. This extension is great, since it allows you to obtain data from both the searches you do on YouTube and the videos you are watching. We give you the example of the data that this extension offers for free for searches:
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