The Manneken Pis, symbol of Brussels

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The Manneken Pis, symbol of Brussels

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I'll tell you a detail about my first traveling experience in Brussels , okay? Since I saw photos of the Grand Place I fell in love with it. For my taste, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in the world, and the night I arrived at my hotel in the Belgian capital I could barely sleep, wishing that the next day would arrive soon to enjoy the square. Very early, having a quick breakfast, we strolled through the city until we discovered this cobbled paradise of architecture.

I stood in the center of it and sat there for a long time India TG Number Data on the cold ground. One photo, two, three, ten… fifty. The detail of a window, the Maison du Roi, the Town Hall tower, Le Cornet... I definitely knew that I could spend hours and hours in that square enjoying the inaudible sound of the passing of the centuries, the atmosphere of the tourists, the grayish color of their houses…

But of course, we had to continue visiting Brussels. And, of course, the other great icon of the city, the Manneken Pis , the friendly "little pissing man" who is a symbol for the people of Brussels. From the Grand Place I took Rue de la Tete D' Or, which is located to the right of the City Hall building. A street where, inevitably, you have to stop in front of the window of the chocolate shop that has the same name as the street, next to the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum .


At the level of the chocolate shop you have to take the small Rue de l'Amigo, and a little further on the Rue de l'Etuve which, between flags of various countries, waffle and chocolate shops and the graffiti of Tintin on the walls, leads to our protagonist. But be careful that it doesn't happen to you like me the first time, if it weren't for the large number of people around the statue, I would have passed it by thinking that it was a miniature of the real Manneken Pis.

No, no, the Manneken Pis is that one... The one in front of the brewery of the same name (the pints from the brewery are much better than the photo with the Manneken Pis, although this is almost a heresy for any Brussels native) and next to a Chocolate shop a little expensive for my taste. There is our beloved pisser, barely 50 centimeters tall, proving that size is not what matters. A dark bronze statue that would go completely unnoticed anywhere else in the world.
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