Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London

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Changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London

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The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London is a spectacular parade that takes place in the mornings and is one of the most famous and important tourist attractions to see in London in 3 days .

If you book a hotel in London you can't miss this parade. We tell you Italy TG Number Data everything about the changing of the guard so you can include it in your next trip to London. Ah! and it is an ideal plan for what to do in London with children .

Keep reading, we'll tell you everything.

History of the changing of the guard
This ceremony originated in 1748, when uniforms began to become widespread in the army to distinguish themselves from the enemy. The parade as we see it today through the streets of London dates back to the coronation of monarch George IV in 1820. Since then the parade has not missed its appointment on more than three occasions: the two world wars and the general strike of 1955.


When does the changing of the guard take place?
The Changing of the Guard in London takes place on specific days of the month, with exact dates usually confirmed the month before. We advise you to check the days of the parade in advance to organize your trip well.

The changing of the guard ceremony in London begins at 10:30 am, with the changing of the guards taking place at 11:00 am at Buckingham Palace. With an approximate duration of 30-45 minutes.

Where to see the changing of the guard in London?
The changing of the guard is one of the busiest events in London, so the main thing if you want to see it well is to arrive well in advance.

Where to watch the changing of the guard, Buckingham Palace

The vast majority of visitors gather right in front of Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. We recommend some places where you can stand to see it well:

If you arrive very early you can get a place in the first row, next to the fence.
Another option is to see it up high. There are steps in the square just in front of the main entrance to the Palace.
And as a last option, but the least recommended, is to stand next to one of the entrances to Green Park to the right of the Palace entrance.
Without a doubt, the ideal is to arrive early to try to see the parade in the front row.

If you want to take good photos you can stand in The Mall to see the guard pass by on foot or on horseback.
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