Hungarian beauties: fortresses, volcanoes and wines

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Hungarian beauties: fortresses, volcanoes and wines

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Hungary is a country surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. In its varied geography we have many things to know, and a thousand excuses to find a hotel in Budapest that serves as a base of operations to explore. For example:

About 40 kilometers north of Budapest , the course of the Danube River abruptly changes direction to begin a descent towards the south of the country. The river divides it into two very clear regions: the Great Plain to the east, low and undulating territory, and Transdanubia, to the west, with a great variety of landscapes.

At this point, facing the Danube, is the citadel Mexico TG Number Data of Visegrad, which rises on a promontory born in the middle of a forested area typical of northern Hungary. This 14th century fortress is an important tourist center due to its beautiful views and also the original palace hidden inside: it was built in the 15th century by order of King Matthias Corvinus. In the same citadel we find the Solomon Tower and the Water Tower, grouping the buildings in a walled manner, giving it a defensive character.

In Hungary you will find more than 1,200 lakes with mountain waters, and some from the glacial period. On the coast of Lake Batalán, for example, is the Badacsony volcano, now extinct, but which shows impressive lava formations at its summit. Its lands, of exceptional fertility thanks to its volcanic past, are planted with the vines of the famous and delicious Badacsony white wines.


To the beauty of the capital, which you can see from the window of any hotel in Budapest , add a tour of the Hungarian interior to discover these and other surprises.

Finally, the Sorlandet archipelago. The Norwegians themselves say that it is the most beautiful archipelago in the world, but of course they are not very impartial. Thousands of islands dotted all over the coast. Many people venture from the mainland to visit these islets both by canoe and kayak. In summer the sea is usually calm, and the possibilities of going from one island to another are very varied.
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