London: following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper

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London: following in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper

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In case you are organizing an upcoming trip to London, and you have resolved the issue of the flight and the hotel, you now have to schedule the visits.

A different tour that will take you through an unknown London is to follow in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, a thematic tour that will amaze you. To do this you must leave Aldgate Metro station towards Saint James Passage. There Catherine Eddows, considered the fourth victim of the killer, was last seen there. Her body appeared in Miter Square.

Retrace your steps to Somerset Street, and from there to Spain TG Number Data Whitechapell High Street and Gourston Street. Here a bloody piece of the aforementioned victim Eddows' dress was found.

We continued towards Angel Alley, a place of commerce between prostitutes and clients of the time. In a nearby “aley” on Berne Street, Elizabeth Stride, the third official victim, died.


Following Gunthorpe is Thrawl Street, the streets where Mary Ann Nicholls last walked. Mary Jane Kelly, the last victim, was also seen there when she was walking with a stranger through the night fog of London. The next dawn, her mutilated body appeared in a room on White's Row.

Returning to Fourier Street, The Ten Bells Pub (1775) was located where the prostitutes who were victims of Jack the Ripper congregated. Annie Chapman, the second victim, was in the pub before being found dead in front of 29 Hanbury Street. She had spent the previous night at the Providence Row Night Refuge and Convent, which can still be seen on Thrawl Street.

Finally, on our themed tour of London, we go to Durward Street, where Mary Ann Nicholls, the first of the series, died.

The British capital contains a thousand stories. This is one of them, another could be the settings of Harry Potter , and we recommend a hotel in central London to have them within reach, all that remains is to go out and reveal the secrets.
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